Guest Post for Addicted to Lovely

I am so unbelievably honored to be featured on Christina Rice’s blog, Addicted to Lovely, today. Christina became my Instagram friend and then my real friend over the last year. We instantly connected over the similar health challenges we have faced so she asked me to share a bit more of my story with her readers. 

In case you’re curious, here’s the teaser she shared on her profile: “Today on the blog I’m sharing an interview with Liz herself, and it truly brought me to tears. Liz shares her health story of being diagnosed with Lupus, Celiac Disease, and PCOS, all tied up in mysterious weight loss and lots of doctors that didn’t believe her. This interview is full of profound statements from Liz, but I wanted to share a quote here.

“Know yourself, trust yourself, love yourself, and be yourself. If I did not know myself and trust myself, I never would have continued to search for answers after so many doctors told me I was crazy. If I wasn’t confident being myself, I would have caved to societal pressures to drink or to take meds instead of committing to a process of natural healing. Most importantly, if I did not love myself, I never would have given myself the grace to forgive my body for the many ways in which I felt it had betrayed me. Know yourself, trust yourself, love yourself, be yourself. Health and happiness will follow.”” 

I am beyond lucky to call this woman my friend and be on her blog today. Click here to read the full interview!



2 thoughts on “Guest Post for Addicted to Lovely

  1. Absolutely beautiful, Elizabeth. Wonderful message. Wonderful interview. I am so glad to have my confident, kind, energetic daughter back. I can see why you and Christina get along so well… oh, and she is in California?? ;0


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