A Super Simple Safer Skincare & Beauty Routine! (+ A Giveaway)

Before I begin, I want to make it clear that I am definitely not trying to become a fashion or beauty blogger (anyone who knows me in real life will know what a joke that would be). I am writing this post because I believe in nourishing your body, inside and out. I hope that some of these recommendations will come in useful to those who recognize the importance of detoxifying their skincare and beauty products!

Did you know that your skin is your largest organ? And that anything you put on the outside of your body is absorbed into your bloodstream? If you really think about that, you might start to panic about the fact that the drugstore lotion you cake on to your body every day has hundreds of unidentified chemicals, many of which are banned in other countries with more progressive regulations.

In an ideal world, I would not put anything on my body that I would not put in my body, but that can be a pretty tough rule to live by. I try to look for products with a short list of ingredients that I can pronounce and/or products that are recommended by experts I trust (Liz Wolfe is my natural skincare guru). I prioritize making the products that will be staying on my skin all day (like lotion) as pure as possible, as opposed to products that wash off (like body wash), though I try to make that clean as well.

img_1073One theme you will notice throughout this post is that there is one company that I absolutely adore and use all the time: Beautycounter. I discovered Beautycounter for the first time about a year ago when it blew up on Instagram. I was immediately impressed by the company’s mission and commitment to make safer beauty products more accessible and mainstream, but I was hesitant to try their products because they are expensive. Since placing my first order this summer, though, I have become totally addicted. I fully trust the quality of Beautycounter products, and I like that they are safer and less toxic but still look and feel every bit as wonderful as traditional products. I know that Beautycounter products are not “nontoxic” or “safe” – rather, they are “less toxic” and “safer” – but I totally trust the company’s standards and love every one of the products I have tried.

I have experimented with tons of different natural skincare and beauty options, but lately I have settled on the following products/routine:


img_1131I am fortunate to have very low-maintenance skin so I am not claiming that this will work for everyone, but it definitely works for me. I would say that my skin is normal but prone to dryness (in case you are wondering if this routine will work for you). Of course, radiant skin starts with what you put in your body, but here is what I put on as well.

Morning and night, I wash my face with the Beautycounter charcoal bar, spray my face with toner (I love Primally Pure toners but I choose to make my own because it is easy and dirt cheap), and moisturize with a dime-sized portion of extra virgin coconut oil or sweet almond oil. I also use my clarisonic once or twice a week in the shower to exfoliate and use the Beautycounter charcoal mask a few times a month to really clear my pores.


I use a bar of soap that I buy locally to wash my body; the bar’s ingredients are super clean, similar to this Kiss My Face soap. After I shower and/or at night, I moisturize with sweet almond oil. I also use Kiss My Face moisture shave to shave my legs and Primally Pure deodorant (the BEST!).


I naturally have very thin hair, so I was pretty devastated when I started to lose my hair due to autoimmune disease. The one natural shampoo and conditioner that slows my hair loss and makes my hair look and feel healthy and more vibrant is the Body Deli Living Hair set. I know this is expensive but it is seriously worth every single penny. If you struggle with hair loss, make the investment!


fullsizerender-2I can’t lie to you and say that I love makeup, but I do wear it most days for work and like to use products that make me feel beautiful. On most days, I just use Beautycounter concealer under my eyes, curl my eyelashes, line the top of my eyelid with brown Beautycounter eyeliner, and put on a coat of Beautycounter mascara (quick note about this mascara: it is not volumizing like traditional mascaras, but it does make your lashes super long!).

If it is more of a special occasion, I will use some Beautycounter blush, bronzer, and/or eyeshadow, but that is pretty much it. Like I said, no one would call me a makeup expert 🙂

The easiest and cheapest makeup remover I have found is extra virgin coconut oil. Just rub coconut oil on your eyes with warm water and the makeup will come right off!

And that’s it!

fullsizeoutput_12b6Like I said, my skincare/beauty routine is super simple and I do my best to make sure it is as safe as possible. If you are interested in trying any of the many Beautycounter products I mentioned in this post (or others!), my friend Erika is graciously offering all of my followers a free lip gloss with any purchase of $100 or more! To redeem this offer, simply place your order through any of the links in this post and then forward your receipt to ganeyerika@gmail.com and mention That Paleo Girl.

PLUS, Erika is giving one lucky lady a FREE charcoal bar, sunshine lip gloss, and makeup bag! To enter the giveaway, visit her Beautycounter site and then come back to this post to comment the link to a product you would love to try. You can also enter this giveaway on Instagram or by following my blog (click the link at the bottom of the page). Update: the giveaway is closed! Congrats to our winner, Stephanie (@cookbycolor on Instagram).

I would love to know what you think of my safer skincare routine! Have you tried any of these products and loved them, too?! Do you have any recommendations of products I haven’t tried yet? Let me know in the comments!

Please know that this offer and these links are not in place for my compensation – I genuinely want to make it easier and more affordable for my followers to get these amazing products. 

18 thoughts on “A Super Simple Safer Skincare & Beauty Routine! (+ A Giveaway)

  1. We are so on the same wave length with this post! All my posts are about clean living…wether with what we eat or with what we put on our skin! Everything makes a difference in living a “cleaner ” life. Following ou from today on!


  2. We are so on the same wave length with this post! My blog is all about clean living…wether it’s with what we ingest, or what we put on our skins. We can do this one step at a time…but we should all do this. I am following you from today on!


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